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Discourse on Alcohol in English and German speaking regions

The paper focuses on the discourse on alcoholic beverages in the 19th century. The 19th century is an age of change in many fields and especially the public as well as the scientific opinion on alcoholic beverages experienced dramatic change. It was the aim to find the geographic and economic roots of the change in discourse. It was revealed that alcoholic beverages were regarded more often as a social problem. The distribution of alcoholic beverages was fought by international temperance movements. Especially the rise of the spirts like rum, vodka and whiskey was decried by moralists of the time. How temperance ideas developed in various English and German countries was examined in this paper

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Contemporary Critical Discourse Studies

Critical discourse studies is a multifarious field constantly developing different methodological frameworks for dynamically analysing evolving aspects of language in a broad range of socio-political and institutional contexts. This volume is a cutting-edge, interdisciplinary account of these theoretical and empirical developments. It presents an up-to-date survey of critical discourse studies (CDS), covering both the theoretical landscape and the analytical territories that it extends over. It is intended for critical scholars and students who wish to keep abreast of the current state of the art. The book is divided into two parts. In the first part, the chapters are organised around different methodological perspectives for CDS (history, cognition, multimodality and corpora, among others). In the second part, the chapters are organised around particular discourse types and topics investigated in CDS, both traditionally (e.g. issues of racism and gender inequality) and only more recently (e.g. issues of health, public policy, and the environment). This is, altogether, an essential new reference work for all CDS practitioners.

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Jochen Zeitz The Manager and the Monk. A Discourse on Prayer, Profit, and Principles

An exploration of spirituality, values, and sustainability in business When Jochen Zeitz and Anselm Grün first met onstage as «the manager and the monk,» Zeitz was CEO and Chairman of Puma, and Father Grün was a monk serving as cellarer, the business manager of his Benedictine abbey. They came together to discuss their shared goal: what it means to lead and manage responsibly and sustainably in today's shifting world. Available for the first time in English, The Manager and the Monk features these topical essays and dialogues, drawing on sources as diverse as the Bible, contemporary religious thought, psychological theory, and the innovative «environmental profit & loss account» Zeitz developed for Puma. Together, Zeitz and Gr??n explore their intersecting definitions of prosperity, values, sustainability, among a host of other topics. Jochen Zeitz was CEO of Puma for 18 years and is founder, with Sir Richard Branson, of the B Team, a global initiative aimed at transforming the future of business Anselm Grün is cellarer (business manager) of Münsterschwarzach Abbey in Germany, overseeing a staff of 300 in crafts such as beekeeping and brewing; and an internationally best-selling author of more than 300 books available in 35 languages Translated from an award-winning German book, Gott, Geld, und Gewissen, which has been translated into 11 languages The Manager and the Monk is a thoughtful, impassioned plea for how to manage responsibly in the modern world.

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Turn Taking and Code Switching in Foreign language Discourse

This book is written on the bases of research conducted to identify the patterns of turn taking and functions of code switching in foreign language English classroom group work interaction. It has assessed the roles of turn taking and functions of codes switching in empowering learner interaction during group discussion.The book will be an important asset for learners of English as a foreign language to be effective language users in time of conversation.It will also have a great value to help learners understand how conversational discourse may affect the language use.The author believes that this book will pave the way for readers to understand the practice of second/foreign language discourse in country's like Ethiopia.

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A Beginner’s Guide to Discourse Analysis

Want to understand discourse analysis, but not sure where to start?This practical textbook introduces you to the tools and techniques that explain how language is used in different situations, and it will be an indispensable resource that you return to again and again during your course. Author Sean Sutherland has years of experience in teaching the topic to his own undergraduate and graduate students, and the book is packed with colourful examples from novels, songs, newspaper articles and more that enrich your understanding and help you to develop confidence.A Beginner's Guide to Discourse Analysis:• Assumes no prior knowledge of the subject• Is filled with exercises and answers throughout, along with answers and commentary• Contains supporting explanations of relevant grammar pointsThis is an indispensable resource for anybody doing discourse analysis as part of their studies.

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Cross-Cultural Communication in Foreign Language Discourse

The book that Dr. Mohammed Guamguami has completed is impressive in both its scope and its aim. The teaching of English as a foreign language, or any foreign language for that matter, is an especially vexed endeavor. As Dr. Guamguami points out, the need for linking culture to foreign language teaching has been recognized since the 1990s, since language and culture are deeply intertwined, and therefore, teaching a foreign language in a cultural vacuum leaves students with an abstract system of signifiers without an adequate understanding of their signifieds. The difficulty, then, lies in understanding the dynamic of the relationship between language and culture and how to exploit it for teaching foreign language with improved effectiveness. Dr. Guamguami's book investigates this problem and, through extensive research and careful analysis, points to possible solutions. The key to solving this problem, Dr. Guamguami contends, is to recognize the discursive nature of language and culture and to view their interrelatedness in the dialogic sense.

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Is Language Getting Unisex?

Back in 1975 Robin Lakoff in her book Language and Woman''s Place (1975, Harper & Row, New York) illustrated the situation of social disparity between sexes reflected in the use of language. She also hoped that once her book would be read by people whose society would have transcended the issues she described. The present investigation is an attempt to prove that our society is, indeed, on its way to transcending social inequality attached to the traditional concepts of femininity and masculinity. The author of the study monitors the process of gender discourse democratization as manifested in such widely-read life-style magazines as Men''s Health and Cosmopolitan. As a final result of her research, the author of the study exposes and classifies the evidence of co-penetration between what is known as ‘traditional'' male and female topics/situations, as well as language choices. This research could be interesting to both researchers of the field and general public due to its fresh outlook on the issue of language and gender as, instead of polarizing male and female discourse, it offers the evidence of unisex character that language appears to be acquiring currently.

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The Cat Inside

Both heartwarming and meditative, "The Cat Inside" explores not only the personal relationship between Burroughs and cats, but the deeper relationship of cats with mankind, which Burroughs traces back to the Egyptians. This book of moving and witty discourse is for both Burroughs' fans and cat lovers alike.

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The Interaction of Focus, Givenness, and Prosody

This book provides an in-depth investigation of contrastive focalization in Italian, showing that its syntactic expression systematically interacts with the syntactic expression of discourse-given phrases. It also provides the most comprehensive study of Italian marginalization and right dislocation available to date.

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North and South

When her father leaves the Church in a crisis of conscience, Margaret Hale is uprooted from her comfortable home in Hampshire to move with her family to the north of England. Initially repulsed by the ugliness of her new surroundings in the industrial town of Milton, Margaret becomes aware of the poverty and suffering of the local mill workers and develops a passionate sense of social justice. This is intensified by her tempestuous relationship with the mill-owner and self-made man, John Thornton, as their fierce opposition over his treatment of his employees masks a deeper attraction. In "North and South", Elizabeth Gaskell skillfully fused individual feeling with social concern, and in Margaret Hale created one of the most original heroines of Victorian literature.

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The Helmet of Horror

They have never met, they have been assigned strange pseudonyms, they inhabit identical rooms which open out onto very different landscapes, and they have entered a dialogue which they cannot escape - a discourse defined and destroyed by the Helmet of Horror. Its wearer is the dominant force they call Asterisk, a force for good and ill in which the Minotaur is forever present and Theseus is the great unknown. Victor Pelevin has created a mesmerising world where the surreal and the hyperreal collide. "The Helmet of Horror" is structured according to the internet exchanges of the twenty first century, radically reinventing the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur for an age where information is abundant but knowledge ultimately unattainable.

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Rendering Neologisms from English into Persian: Avatar

Translation is the art of reproducing an utterance or a part of discourse from source language (SL) into target language (TL). A part of discourse can be consisting of a paragraph, a phrase, a sentence, and a neologism. Newmark (1988) stated that neologisms could be defined as newly coined lexical units or existing lexical units that acquire a new sense. The case of this study is subtitle of Avatar film (2009) whose 92 new words in English language (SL) and their counterparts in Persian language (TL) have been extracted, recorded and surveyed on the basis of suggested strategies of Silvia`s (2001) model for creation of neologisms and Newmark`s (1988) theoretical framework for neologisms` translation. In this qualitative, descriptive study, Avatar film has been watched and the data have been probed and analyzed in content of text via subtitles.

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The Jewel of St Petersburg

Russia, 1910. Young Valentina Ivanova charms St Petersburg's aristocracy with her classic Russian beauty and her talent as a pianist. She scandalises society when she begins a romance with Jens Friis, a Danish engineer. He brings to her life a passion and an intimacy she has never known. Unbending in their opposition, her parents push her into a loveless engagement with a Russian count. Valentina struggles for independence and to protect her young sister from the tumult sweeping the city, as Russia is bound for rebellion. The Tsar, the Duma and the Bolsheviks are at each other's throats. Valentina is forced to make a choice that changes her life for ever...

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The Peculiarities of Gratitude Expression Use in the Foreign Language

This monograph is devoted to the English gratitude expressions use by Kazakhstani EFT students based on the cross-cultural communication approach and from psycholinguistics and pragmatics' view as well. The results of the research will contribute to BA/MA and PhD Foreign Philology and Foreign Languages Theory and Practice students’ knowledge about the features of appreciation expressions in the English language. The research investigates and summarizes the well-known scientists' works as M.Eisenstein, E.Ochs,J.Bodman and others. The second part of this monograph describes the developed thematic classification of gratitude expressions based on the Language Theories and above-mentioned scientists and linguists’ works. Also, comprehension enhancing activities and gratitude expressions usage were developed. This classification and complex of activities could be used as the additional practical materials by English teachers and students in the Universities on English Lexicology, Stylistics, and Discourse Study courses and in ELT/EFL classes as well. The results of monograph is discussed on the 5th Conference on Creative Education(CCE 2015)held in Beijing,China on May 22-24,2015.

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Creation Machine

It is the aftermath of civil war in the vast pageant of planets and stars known as The Spin. Three years since he crushed the rebellion, Viklun Haas, industrialist and leader of the Hegemony, is eliminating all remnants of the opposition. Starting with his own daughter. But Fleare Haas, fighter for Society Otherwise has had a long time to plan her next move. Sprung from her remote monastery prison and reuniting with a team of loyal friends, Fleare’s journey will take her across The Spin to the cluster of fallen planets known as the The Catastrophe Curve - and from exile, to the very frontiers of war. Meanwhile, in the brutal and despotic empire of The Fortunate, word is reaching viceroy Alameche of a most unusual piece of plunder from their latest invasion. For hundreds of millions of years, the bizarre planets and stars of The Spin itself have been the only testament to the god-like engineers that created it. Now, buried in the earth of a ruined planet, one of their machines has been found . . .

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The Garden Of Unearthly Delights

YOU ARE NOW LEAVING THE AGE OF AQUARIUS PLEASE LOWER YOUR SEAT WHEN RISING FROM YOUR HEAD. It was something to do with the cycles of history. The way great civilizations rise and fall. Golden ages and dark ages. Things of that nature. Few people noticed at first. The changes. They were subtle to begin with. Like when the Leader of the Opposition challenged the PM to step outside and settle things man to man. And the PM agreed. Or the way the baked ham rose up against Dave while he was standing in the check-out queue at Budgens. Small things. But they just kept getting bigger. And by the time everyone realized that something very strange was going on, it was all too late. The Earth had left behind the age of science and reason and moved once more into a time of myth. A time of legend and heroes. Of romance and wizardry and wonder. It was a time to take the mother of all giant leaps and enter - THE GARDEN OF UNEARTHLY DELIGHTS

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Sean Lang First World War For Dummies

From the Somme to Gallipoli to the home front, First World War For Dummies provides an authoritative, accessible, and engaging introduction to the War to End All Wars. It takes a global perspective of this global conflict, proving insight into the actions and motivations of the participants and how each nation’s story fits into the wider one. Coverage also includes: The origins of the war and a snapshot of what the world looked like at the beginning of the 20th century The battles of Western Europe, and action in the Southern and Eastern Fronts The war at home – the civilian war, propaganda, opposition, politics, protests, and more 1918: The German spring offensive, the Allied success and the beginning of the end The Treaty of Versailles, the League of Nations, and the effect on the future First World War For Dummies is the go-to source for readers seeking to learn more about the fundamental event of the 20th century.

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Applying Systemic Functional Linguistics: The State of the Art in China Today

Applying Systemic Functional Linguistics: The State of the Art in China Today showcases new work from leading scholars in China, as well as offering perspectives on this work from M.A.K. Halliday and Jim Martin. The range of topics covers graphology/phonology, lexis, group and clause, clause complex, text, typology, semiotics, multimodality, stylistics, translation, and teaching. Not only will this book introduce the latest research into language and multimodal discourse being undertaken by scholars in China today, but also suggest the way forward in terms of where linguistics should be going if the aim is (still) to create 'the innovative producers of social semiotic theory, description and practice the world rightfully expects from the intellectual superpower China is economically positioned to become' (Jim Martin). This book is essential reading for scholars involved with systemic functional linguistics and interested in its shifting dynamics.

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The book begins with the story of how Napoleon Bonaparte found himself in the house of Armand-Emmanuel du Plessis, the Duke of Richelieu and governor of Odessa, in 1807. A brief liaison with the duke’s 19-year-old Italian servant girl, Luisa Ravelli, resulted in the birth of a son. The bombing of Odessa by an Anglo-French squadron in 1854 and the landing of French troops in Odessa in 1918 had the objective of finding that illegitimate son. The protagonist of the book, Yevgeny Rivilis, is Bonaparte’s great-great-grandson and a Russian emigre who landed in New York in August 1996. His personal drama is compounded by the fact that his ex-wife, Sophia, from whom he is not formally divorced, proves to be the mistress of one of the terrorist leaders… This fact explains the additional interest that the security services have in him… Part two of the book recounts the cooperation and opposition between the FBI and the FSB, one of the successors to the KGB. The security services’ clandestine operations culminate in murders. Both sides suffer losses. An FBI agent and an FSB agent operating under diplomatic cover are victims of the secret war in New York. Sometime later two related murders occur: the killing in Moscow of Yuri Shchekochikhin, an opposition journalist and a member of the State Duma (July, 2003), and the slaying of Zelimkhan Yandarbiyev, the vice-president of Ichkeria in Doha, Qatar (February, 2004). Both events are indirectly linked to Sophia. The story unfolds in New York, Washington, Las Vegas, Paris, Copenhagen, Baghdad and Damascus.

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